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Located in Barhamsville Virginia, Colonial Tonewoods is a specialty company dealing in high-grade traditional and alternative tonewoods. In a world where big business is the norm, we deviate from this standard by getting to know our customers one at a time. We continually strive to procure the rarest, finest quality tonewoods at competitive prices.

One of our goals is to educate customers about the different sonic properties of tonewoods. We have years of experience in exotic woods as well as the guitar repair and instrument making industries. We are always happy to answer any questions or recommend certain tonewoods. With this information our customers can decide what tonewoods are best suited for their needs.

When a customer calls they talk directly to the owner, Stephen C. Roberson, and not an automated answering service. Your patronage is important to use and we prove it with quality woods and excellent customer service.

If you have special needs or requests, our experience and expertise are at your disposal.


“Each instrument that I build is custom for an individual. My work requires a tonewood supplier that can provide me with that perfect piece of wood to make a guitar unique. That’s why I build my guitars exclusively with materials from Colonial Tonewoods. Purchasing heaps of “off the shelves” tonewoods, hoping to eventually get that one set that I had in mind for a certain project is just not practical for me. Steve takes the extra time to find out exactly what I’m looking for…..even if it requires extra time and effort on his part. I truly believe that Stephen at Colonial Tonewoods cares about the guitar that I’m building, and you just don’t find that with other suppliers.”

Jason Pickard
Pickard Guitars




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