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Feedback is key to any successful business and empty promises prove nothing.

Don't take it from us, take it from our customers.

Colonial Tonewoods Inc. is proud of its products and services. Below is a list of unsolicited customer comments.



"Stephen, Thank you so much. The wood was stellar and your service and info impeccable. I expect to be a regular customer."
William Heagy


"Stephen, The headplate order arrived and they are even better than the images suggested they would be.  Adding the "freebie" was unexpected but greatly appreciated.  You have a return customer here. Thanks for all your help searching through your stock for the "right" pieces."
Richard Meade



My experience with Colonial Tonewoods is that Stephen Roberson does what he says he's going to do, when he says he'll do it, and delivers a fine product at a fair price.  He knows just what a builder is looking for and takes pride in satisfying his customers' needs." Dan Burke, Burke Resophonic guitars





"Received the order today and wanted to thank you not only for the quality and quickness, but also the bonus!  That piece should look so good with the bloodwood bindings--much appreciated!!" Howard Wilson



"Everything has arrived safe and sound, thanks once again for a smooth transaction and excellent product."

Kind Regards, Paddy Dane

Luthier Services



"Hi Stephen,Woods were at work waiting for me : )
Fantastically stiff tops along and across the grain. Great tap tones. Wow!!  Wonderful quality. Great bracewood of generous dimensions too. I must say I have never had anything but very good quality woods from you. Thank you.
You must be providing a real SERVICE to the luthier community world  wide.  Best wishes." Richard Wallis



"Hi Steve,  Package arrived. Your selection was perfect, and I'm very pleased! And your surprise freebe was a thrill to receive....thank you so much."   Michael
Chelsea, Vt



Hi Steven, 

"This message to inform you that the 4 tops and the mahogany b&s have arrived safely in France. Many thanks for the elegant touch of adding a matching headplate.

The spruce tops look very good, both in appearance and in structure (quartersawn or very near). And I am very excited about the richness of the Mahogany figures.

My luthier friend Alexandre Bouyssou (l'Atelier d'Alexandre in Orsay, France) and myself are very happy to count now on Colonial Tonewoods as a reliable source for tonewoods."

 Jean-Marie Caroff, France



"Hello Stephen,
the tiger myrtle set just arrived. You were right at the phone - it truly looks much better in person than on the picture. While it's of course not the most strikingly figured set of tiger myrtle that I've seen, I find it an absolute steal for the price I paid. I'm sure it'll make a great looking and sounding guitar.
The packaging was perfect...almost too good because I could not wait to see the wood and it took me quite a while to open it ;-)
I was quite surprised to see an (on first quick glance) perfectly usable side as a backing material. Thanks for that as well ;-)
thanks again - you can be sure to see an order from me again."
best, Christian



"Wanted to say thanks - received the top today.  Looks great!  I had actually ordered two tops - one a 4A and yours a 3A.  I've read a lot about grading and that it is quite subjective, so I thought I'd compare.  Your 3A surpasses the 4A hands down,  Can't thank you enough.  You were easy to work with and provided the superior product.  Can't wait to select some more.  Thanks again."   Brian Hutchinson


"It's difficult to find people who'll take the time to talk with you. You go above and beyond and I have confidence in you and your words. You know what people need, you build and repair and have an idea of what will ultimately helps your customers with their needs." Frank Finocchio



"Thanks again for selecting such fantastic wood! This guitar sounds as good as the best we've built." Rob Bustos Paragon guitars .


"The 12 sets of sides arrived today ....thank you very much for great service and a superior product . The wood is perfect and exceeded my expectations." Luthier Bruce Pritchard.


"Awhile back I purchased some old Honduran Mahogany and the had you send me one of the adirondack tops you salvaged from old floor beams. The amazing thing is the guitar's voice. I firmly believe that well aged wood really matters and this guitar is living proof. It is articulate and balanced, has great dynamic range and is mellow, all at the same time. Thanks Steve, your wonderful wood made this guitar possible." Luthier David Painter.


"The old growth Brazilian rosewood fingerboard you selected for me was exactly what I was looking for. The board was dead quartersawn and almost as dark as ebony. Man you read my mind!" Steve Hill


"You sent me the nicest Brazilian rosewood I've seen in 30 years." Luthier Chris Bozung, CB Guitars.



"Steve, thanks for selecting those Carpathian spruce tops. Your tops are by far the nicest on the market. Thanks again for great tops and great service." Luthier Matt Gage, Gage Guitars.

“The wood you sent is a grand slam. Excellent selection, appreciate the effort you put into selecting the “right” wood for my went the extra mile.” Luthier J McClellan.



Hi Stephen,
"I just wanted to let you know that I received the neck blanks today and that they look great! I can't wait to use them!"

Thanks again,

Hi Stephen,

"Thank's again for the superb wood!"

Mark W.



"My wood arrived today and looks fantastic! Thanks so much for the extra
freebies...I will put them to good use."

Thanks again for all your help,
Chris W.


"I got the wood in today. Wow, I can't tell you how impressed I am - especially with the soundboards, they are wondeful. And thanks for the freebie - very, very much appreciated." Alan B.


"In my opinion, your soundboards are just a cut above the stuff I have gotten from several other highly respected suppliers. I fully expect to use Colonial Tonewoods as my primary supplier from here on out. I will most likely only be building between 15 and 20 guitars a year - so don't get too excited. I imagine I will be hammering on your door in a couple more months." Simon Fay, Fay Guitars.


"Just wanted to let you know the wood got here safe and sound, and I am very pleased! The Carpathian top is awesome, and the brace wood is perfectly quartered! All the materials are just top-notch!" Mark G.

Hi Stephen,

"I received my order today and just wanted to tell you that it matches perfectly! I am very happy with it and it got here so quick! Great service and great wood! THANKS MUCH !!! Dave A.


"I just received the boards, they're great, darker than I expected, nice straight grains too, no funny swirl like I've seen on some 2003 Gibson R9. Thanks a lot!! Cant wait until I put it in my guitar!  Bruce W.


Hi Stephen,
"Received the tops today and I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you! You weren't kidding - perfectly quartersawn and very stiff. And I love the wide, prominent grain - I think I might just build one for me! And the concept of the surprising "freebie top" is one I've heretofore not been accustomed to, as it were...very nice and appreciated."
Your latest happy customer,
Loren S.



"The Red Spruce soundboard we received from you is a MUCH better top than what your competitor tried to foist off on us! They had grain counts in the 9-10 per inch and were saying it was there primo stuff (advertised and priced at 18+ grains per inch). As usual, you are head and shoulders above most other wood suppliers in both product and service. Thanks for helping Josh on this. It's his "once in a lifetime" shot at a custom instrument, so we're trying to make it the best possible for his price range." Luthier Hank Mauel, Mauel Guitars.



"Thanks for the second Prima Vera set, and the 5 extra headplates. FANTASTIC wood as usual. In fact, I liked this set better than the first set, and the first set was nothing to sneeze at!!! You continue to awe me with your products!"  Greg G.


"I just want to say thanks for the very nice BR bridge blanks which arrived today. Exactly as you described!"
Andrew L.



"Thank you so much for my bridge blanks they are just perfect. I love how you sent me one wild figured, and one calm straight one. I will probably use the calmer straight one but I am shaping them both for possible use and will decide later. Well you really saved my butt on this." Greg Z.

"Hey Steve, Wanted to show you what I've done recently with your superb Carpathian top that in fact is on steroids. Really all I can say is WOW! The power and tonal richness is quite impressive. The beautiful grain and color is just perfect. I've never used Zebra wood before and I've read where it's been compared to rosewood in tonal properties. But I think it doesn't have the same dark metallic sound as rosewood. Anyway, I am quite delighted with the Carpathian and will certainly use it again. As always, thanks for the great service that you provide and it is always a pleasure to talk with you." Dave M.

"Another ‘smooth deal went down’ with Colonial! Everything looks great, the ‘Godfather’ is smilin’. Thanks so much for the freebies. I appreciate it. That one spruce board rings like a bell…wonderful. All I have to do is figure out a way of my regular work and convince my wife that climbing into bed at 1:00 AM with sawdust in my hair is a good thing. Kary K.


The Prima Vera sets you sent were incredible! What a tap tone!The sets are dry, stable and I've already started the building process. In all Stephen, my assessment of the sets is very high. It's gorgeous wood, the figure is quite attractive, it will finish well (needs to be filled first) and I use a French Polish technique. The wood remained stable and I was expecting some slight warping because of my excessively dry climate, but I saw no movement in the wood and generally maintained it at 35% humidity. The tone from this wood is quite gorgeous."  Gregory F.



"Everything arrived yesterday in fine shape and looks terrific as usual. Nice work! I look forward to using these pieces on upcoming guitars for Healdsburg." Best Regards, David A.

"I just wanted to let you know I received my order
and I must say this is the most beautiful wood
I have ever seen. thank you again." Dennis F.



"I just wanted to pass along a big thanks for the wood we purchased from you last year. We constructed a rosewood/red spruce dreadnought guitar which my son now has at college. We have been absolutely thrilled with the sound coming from this guitar and we attribute a lot of that to the piece of master grade red spruce we purchased from you. I was a special event to be able to build this with my son, and even better that it sounds and looks a good as it does. The local music store owner surprised us with his appraisal. He said he wouldn’t blink a bit to stick $2500 on this instrument, $1000 more if it came from a “name brand” builder. After a banjo, an F5 mandolin, and the guitar, I think it’s official, I’ve got the bug." Thanks again and we’ll be back!  Don B.

"Nothing is more fundamental to the quality of a musical instrument than the materials from which it's made. Given that, it's uniquely satisfying to work with a wood supplier who is also a guitar maker. Dealing with Stephen has underlined for me the severe limitations of my communication with most other suppliers. As a result of Stephen's clear understanding of my individual needs, the quality of my instruments is almost guaranteed." Luthier Charles Fox.


"Ah...The wood came today! Synchronicity!
Gorgeous wood Steve. You run a top service! Richard T.


"Just wanted to thank you for the ziricote headplate freebie! Also, I wanted to tell you how much I like the bridge blanks and fretboards I received. Truly beautiful wood. Thanks,
Mike W.

"I recently ordered a set of bone pins for my Seagull guitar and I am very impressed by both the finish and fit. I had been using the factory plastic pins which did not fit very well, but these pins fit like a glove." Ken H.

Hi Stephen
"I've been away on holiday for two weeks - came back yesterday and I received my order. The back/sides and tops are of highest quality. I am glad I found your website. Hope to order again from you soon." Kind regards, Stones S.



"I received the Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboards yesterday and was extremely pleased with the fine quality of the wood sent. Thanks again for the fast service, shipping and all the extra effort you put into finding exactly what I needed. My customers and myself thank you." Regards, Dave J.

"All arrived in fine shape yesterday. The wood is lovely and nicer than I expected, especially color wise, the perfect compliment to the marquetry. I'm making for this one for myself! Those computer pics just don't do this stuff justice." Many thanks! Dave M.

Hi Stephen,
 "Yahooo ! The wood arrived. Thank you sooooo much. I'm over the moon! Wonderful. I'm impressed with the Red Spruce quality. Better than I have had from the other supply places. Also a special thanks for the freebees. Very nice. Thanks for your help."
Kind regards, Richard W.


"I wanted to take this chance to thank you, for working with me on my dream guitar that I have now dubbed "The Brazilian Project". If it weren't for you I believe that this project would not have come about. Never in my life did I think that my doing business with you would turn into a friendship. When I called you for the first time and told you that I was Afghanistan, you told me that you would do anything to help me with my "Project." You sent my builder the best of the best materials, and even went the extra mile to check in on it's construction. I can't thank you enough. Your Customer Service and attention to detail are amazing; you truly do take it to the next level."

Thank You,

Michael Volpe


Kandahar, Afghanistan


"Sorry I have not been in touch sooner. Thanks so much
for the wood, it is GORGEOUS!!!! Just what I need to
recreate the Larson Bros. vibe in a guitar. He will be
happy for sure. As well I am almost certain the Bros.
are looking down from heaven with envy just wishing
they could build another!! Great talk the other day.
thanks again for the A++++ service!!!!"  Frankie Montuoro

"My Carpathian top not only looks like Red Spruce but sounds like Red spruce too. It seems to have the sensitivity and complexity that you would expect from an Englemann top with the headroom of Sitka. A fine combination. Thanks for picking out the right top for me." John K.

"Hey, I just wanted to let you know the stuff arrived this week safe and sound. Thanks. It is all great!" Lance K.

Hey Stephen,

"Got my wood today and it is fantastic as usual!" Thanks!

Ray K.



"Thanks for the little extra surprise in my package of wood. The fingerboards are wonderful and the old EIR is outstanding. You are a true gentleman and I look forward to doing more business with you." Thanks Again, Peter G.



 "You included a free matching faceplate veneer with the gorgeous set of Black Acacia I got from you at the OLF swap meet." Many thanks. You go Steve! Thanks, Max B.


"I've never been disappointed with your woods. I've never met a supplier who knows not only guitar wood but guitar making as well." Thanks for the great wood and excellent service." 

Cheers, Kim H.