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Exceptional tonewoods for the discerning artisan

African Mahogany - Acoustic Guitar Back and Side Sets

 African Mahogany guitar


Instruments made from African Mahogany (Khaya ivorensis) have been in demand for many years. The reason is simple. African Mahogany has all the characteristics of a great tonewood; its weight and strength allow for well-defined ranges of tone as well as strong volume. It works easily and displays beautiful figure, everything from straight-grained to flamed, quilt, curl, and mottled.  African Mahogany as weight of 34 to 36 lbs. per cubic foot and a specific gravity of .54 to .59

All of our guitar sets are milled from old growth lumber (from the 1930’s to the 1960’s). The guitar sets are perfectly book matched with the backs and sides processed from the same board. The color is a "vintage" burgundy and displays the desirable qualities one associates with age.

We can vouch for each set because we personally hand pick and "tap" every board to make sure they have that special "ring".

Old growth African Mahogany 
Guitar courtesy of luthier John Mayes






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