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Exceptional tonewoods for the discerning artisan

Avodire - Acoustic Guitar Back and Side Sets

Avodire (Turraeanthus africanus) is an African hardwood which grows in Western and Central Africa namely the Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and the Congo regions. The heartwood is a creamy white to pale yellow, darkening with age to a golden yellow. The texture is fine to moderately fine and the grain is straight, wavy or irregularly interlocked. Quartersawn pieces often exhibit a range of grain patterns such as wavy, mottled and curly with a shimmering chatoyance.

Avodire is generally regarded as having good working characteristics similar to that of mahogany and is easy to work with hand or machine tools. The wood glues and finishes well and has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Tonally similar to African Mahogany, Black Limba and North American Cherry. 

Average reported specific gravity is 0.48 (oven dry weight/green volume), equal to an air-dried weight of 34 lbs per cubic foot.

We milled all of our sets from 50 year old veneer backing boards. We have a limited number of these rare sets to offer.


Avodire boardfigured Avodire