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Exceptional tonewoods for the discerning artisan

Goncalo Alves Guitar Sets

Goncalo Alves (Astronium graveolens) also known as Tigerwood, Jobillo and Brazilian Tigerwood, names that underscore the wood’s often dramatic contrasting color scheme grows from Mexico to Brazil. It is typically a medium reddish brown with contrasting streaks of dark brown to black. The heartwood tends to darken with age. The grain can be straight, but is often wavy or interlocked with a fine, uniform texture. Goncalo Alves is generally not too difficult to work, despite its high density and occasional interlocked grain. The wood has superb stiffness, strength, and durability. It glues, bends and finishes well. Tonally similar to Bubinga, Indian Rosewood and Ovangkol.

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