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Honduran Rosewood - Acoustic Guitar Back and Side Sets


Honduras Rosewood Guitar


Many of my customers feel that Honduran Rosewood (Dalbergia stevensonii) gives Brazilian Rosewood a run for its money, which is saying a lot considering the price and reputation of Brazilian. Whether you agree or not, combine a Red Spruce top with Honduran Rosewood back and sides and you've got something special- a rich, full sounding instrument that’s equally at home with fingerstyle or flatpicking. (the tap tone alone will knock your socks off)

Honduran Rosewood can be found in the small Central American country of Belize. Since it prefers humid environments, it usually grows along rivers and in river valleys. Extremely hard, its colors range from purple-brown to a rich looking burgundy with inky black grain lines.

The wood bends easily, glues easily and takes a finish better than most. As a result, Honduran Rosewood has been used extensively in the construction of Marimba bars and xylophones over the years. It also makes ideal fingerboards, bridge plates and bridge blanks material.

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