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Exceptional tonewoods for the discerning artisan

Ovangkol - Acoustic Guitar Back and Side Sets

Ovangkol (Guibortia ehie) also known as Shedua, Mozambique, Amazoue or Amazakoue is a dense African hardwood found on the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigera and Gabon. The heartwood is yellow to chocolate brown with greyish black stripes. Ovangkol, when combined with the right top, it gives you a bright and wonderfully responsive guitar. Since Ovangkul comes from the same family as Bubinga, it shares many of the tonal qualities and depth of Rosewood, although it has a much better “snap” usually associated with medium density woods such as Koa and Walnut.  It has an average weight of 50 lbs. per cubic foot and a specific gravity of .80.