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Exceptional tonewoods for the discerning artisan

Borneo Rosewood - Acoustic Guitar Back and Side Sets

Borneo Rosewood (Melanorrhea usitata) is commonly referred to as Rengas Tiger or Rengas, however, it is not a true dalbergia. The wood originates in the Indo-Malaysian region of Southeast Asia. The heartwood ranges in color from a warm orange to deep red with dark streaks sometimes showing striped figure. The grain is straight or slightly interlocked with a fine to medium texture. The sapwood of Borneo Rosewood has been known to cause allergic reactions so caution should be used if sapwood is present. Tonally similar to Indian Rosewood, Ovangkol and California Myrtle.  It has a weight of between 41 and 61 lbs. per cubic feet and a specific gravity of .83.