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Exceptional tonewoods for the discerning artisan

About Colonial Tonewoods

"Nothing is more fundamental to the quality of a musical instrument than the materials from which it's made. Given that, it's uniquely satisfying to work with a wood supplier who is also a guitar maker. Dealing with Stephen has underlined for me the severe limitations of my communication with most other suppliers. As a result of Stephen's clear understanding of my individual needs, the quality of my instruments is almost guaranteed." Luthier Charles Fox


 shaving guitar braces

 Located in Barhamsville, Virginia, Colonial Tonewoods is a small specialty company dealing exclusively in high-grade traditional and alternative tonewoods. We're approaching two decades of selecting, processing and selling high quality domestic and exotic tonewoods. We also have extensive experience in guitar repair, restoration and construction.
Our experience gives us a unique advantage in the tonewood industry: Not only do we source the best materials, we also approach tonewoods from the perspective of a builder. We understand the components that make a great looking, but more importantly, a great sounding guitar. We take pride in focusing on quality over quantity and what we provide isn't typical, widely available material.

As owner of the company, I personally select, cut and certify our products before they leave our shop. I am also available to discuss, advise and recommend the best materials for your next build. Our reputation for quality and knowledge has allowed us to have clients that range from large manufacturers such as C.F. Martin and Co. and Gibson Guitar to small custom builders such as Charles Fox, Dana Bourgeois, Scott Lentz and Kevin Ryan just to name a few.

Our mission is simple: We want to put the best available tonewoods in the hands of master craftsmen and artisans; individuals who understand and share our passion for wood. 

Thank you,
Stephen C. Roberson, Owner