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Exceptional tonewoods for the discerning artisan

Product Image Honduran Rosewood Guitar Fingerboards

Honduran Rosewood Guitar Fingerboards

$ 17.50

Honduran Rosewood guitar fingerboards

It's among the hardest of rosewoods and well suited for electric or acoustic guitar fingerboards. The heartwood ranges from a yellowish salmon pink to a brown brick red. It is very dense, durable and finishes well. Its density translates to great sustain and the tone is considered comparable to Brazilian Rosewood.

Minimum Dimensions

Steel String Guitar 20" long by 2 3/4" wide by 9/32" thick

Fingerboards are surface sanded

We'd be happy to match a headplate and bridge blank with your fingerboard so please indicate so during checkout. 

Due to CITES restrictions, there is NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING available for this product.